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The Dilmah Shop - Frequently Asked Questions... 

If you have a question we might have answered it here first. If your question isn't answered here get in touch through our Contact Form: 

How do I know that my credit card payment is secure?

Payments & Online Security

Some sites will show security icons to give assurance on the credit card screen that the payment processing is secure. This gives some people peace of mind although it's easy to simply add images and does not guarantee security. Our credit card section is so secure that we cannot even access it to add these visual features but rest assured your credit card details are securely transmitted through a leading payment gateway to one of New Zealands leading Banks as detailed below. All this happens in the background.

We do not hold any credit card information. Our payments are processed through the Paystation Payment Gateway and ASB Bank Cardpay. CardPay securely transmits your credit card details to ASB for authorisation. Together these services provide a high level of information security.

Security Statement from Paystation:

"Your payment details have the security offered by Paystation Limited, a fully AIS PCI DSS compliant Paymark Certified Solutions Provider (CSP), using 256-bit SSL encryption. Credit Card or Pago Wallet details will be sent directly to the acquiring institution for processing. No card or wallet data is available to or used by the merchant. You will be issued with a receipt number at the end of your transaction."

Geotrust SSL Site Encryption:
Our site uses Geotrust SSL site encryption for domain control validation and up to 256-bit encryption. We use the Premium certification. Click on the following stamp to view confirmation of current validity from Geotrust.

Your Personal Details:

When an order is placed through our website we will require your name and delivery details but this will not be shared with any third party except for the purpose of delivery. Personal details for card payments are passed through encrypted connection to our authorising bank as detailed above, for which the highest standards of security are in place.

We will not collect and hold your personal details without your knowledge or permission. 

Do I have to create an account to buy on The Dilmah Shop?

No you don't need to have an account, you have the option to check out as 'Guest' when you proceed to the checkout screen.

You can automatically create an account during the checkout process as well, it doesn't take any longer... the only difference is we ask you to choose a password and simply use the email, billing & delivery details to save to your account. When you checkout as 'Guest' we still ask for an email, billing & shipping address but we only use those for confirming and shipping your order.

Creating an account has all sorts of advantages and is totally secure as we never pass on your details to a third party, we only hold these for yourself on this site. We do NOT hold credit card details... you'll need to enter that every time. For details on account benefits see the following question.

What are the benefits of creating an account on The Dilmah Shop?

Creating an account is as simple as choosing a password during the checkout process (you can also checkout as 'Guest'... see previous question). All your other account details are saved from the email, billing & shipping details entered during checkout. We do NOT save credit card data.

Once you have an account, order status can be tracked through 'My Account' on the website, from where you can also click 'Re-order' on past orders for quick re-ordering of your favourites or click 'Return' on completed orders should there be a problem. This helps automate the process for yourself and us.

There is a wishlist feature which allows you to save products as a favourite to purchase at a later date... you can even create separate Wishlists and name them what you like... such as 'Gifts for Mum'.

Do you ship outside of New Zealand?

We are only selling within New Zealand, however Dilmah Sri Lanka have an international site at and there are a number of other country sites linked from

Do you charge for shipping... can I just pickup an order?

We charge a flat rate of $5.75 nationwide on orders below $50 and FREE shipping on all orders $50 and above.

We do currently have a pickup option when you checkout, this is free but for Auckland only where our office is based.

For more information on Shipping and delivery times please read the dedicated Shipping page here:

Do you accept American Express?

At the moment we accept Visa & Mastercard. When you checkout a dropdown list includes American Express although we do not yet accept American Express. We apologise for any confusion this causes but we are not able to edit that part of the secure checkout and remove it from the default options.

We will be adding the ability to accept American Express in the near future.

Can I return items if I'm not happy with them?

The short answer is yes... within reasonable circumstances. We've created a Store Policies page which explains our process and policies for return requests:

It's very easy if you've created an account with us before or during your purchase. You need to login and go to Completed Orders under 'My Account' and click the 'Return Item(s)' button for the order you wish to return.

If you checked out as a 'Guest' when you purchased, you'll need to email us in reply to one of the original order confirmation emails you received for that order. If you can't find those emails or have since deleted them please contact us through the Contact Us page and give us the original email address you ordered with, the date of purchase and description of the goods and problem.

Am I getting a better price buying here instead of the supermarket?

The products listed on this website are not those you will find in major supermarkets or they are those no longer stocked by supermarkets (see our clearance section). Mostly we are selling teas in a different format such as individually wrapped sachets, these can never match the price of the same teabags not individually wrapped in your supermarket as the cost of that additional packaging compared to the cost per teabag is naturally quite high.

However many people enjoy being able to buy their favourite teas in this format (i.e. they are great for travel). The purpose of this online shop is to offer Dilmah teas not generally available in New Zealand, not to compete on price with supermarkets. We have exclusive agreements on supermarket lines through our distributor on teas currently stocked through Foodstuffs and Progressive supermarkets.

I've enjoyed the same tea for a long time but it tastes different? Have you changed it?

We get this question fairly often, when we've not actually changed the profile of the tea. We say the 'profile' because it's important to remember that unlike so many other beverages which are 'made' from a specific recipe of fixed ingredients that can be precisely controlled... tea is a natural agricultural product which by it's nature changes with the seasons. Depending on the varying of rainfall, sunshine, temperature and soil conditions the same tea from the same tea estate can differ. For many tea enthusiasts this is exactly why they love such a diverse and natural product... like wine it is influenced by Terroir.

However the mass production of tea and the commoditization of tea over the centuries has lead to demand for a consistent product and even the tea aficionados will admit that when they find their favourite everyday cuppa they want to know they can come back to that familiar comfort anytime. The skill of our Tea Tasters in Sri Lanka is amongst the best in the world and it is their key focus to maintain both quality and consistency. Because of the changing conditions they taste approximately 11,000 teas every single week from around Sri Lanka to find the exact character required to make the taste 'profile' of, for example our English Breakfast. They do this by tasting up against older samples of the blend and rigourous quality control methods.

As superhuman as tasting 11,000 teas week after week might sound, they are of course only human and the Camellia Sinensis plant is simply a product of nature... so there is potential for variations to occur. This would inevitably be the same if you stick with any brand of tea for long enough and if not you have to question not so much the caliber of their tea tasters but the quality of their tea, for the best tea has more pronounced character and fresh flavour and therefore the harder to keep it consistent. If there's one thing we value over consistency it would be freshness and flavour.

We pay close attention to complaints of this nature when they come in because it really is critical to our ongoing success to deliver to our long term and loyal tea drinkers that familiar and satisfying comfort.

On occasions we have worked with a customer to discover the cause it has come down to the smallest variation in the way the tea has been prepared, sometimes just a small difference which they hadn't realised could make such an impact on the taste. A few common factors that can change the taste of your tea are: 1.) Water quality, changes in your surrounding water supply, piping etc. Levels of chlorination have a huge effect on the taste of tea. 2. ) New kettle, often new kettles take time to lose that 'new' packaging flavour. 3.) Different type of milk, new brand of milk. The varying fat content and composition will alter the taste of tea. 4.) New teapot of cup/mug. Yes even that can alter flavour for a number of reasons, from how pourous the surface is, to a new dishwashing liquid or powder that is leaving a very minimal film on crockery which can alter the taste. 5.) Moving house, new pantry, cupboard or storage box/location can change the flavour of tea if it's not kept in an airtight container from the moment it's opened. Tea is extremely quick to pick up surrounding aromas that will change the taste.

Best Before Dates... does tea go bad?

Although tea will lose it's freshness over time it is a dry good that does not go off. Freshness is very important when it comes to tea but the most important part of freshness is how soon it is packaged in air tight packaging after production. Dilmah teas are some of the freshest teas in the world because we pack them so soon after production at origin in Sri Lanka. Once packaged in their final packaging they will last for a long time. We include a 'Best Before' date on most of our teas as it has become a standard, it is a general guide to it's age however it is not required by law and has less relevance compared to many other products. Therefore we will on occasion sell products that have passed the Best Before date at a 'Sale' price, we will always highlight that date clearly on the product description page.

Why can't I find my favourite tea in supermarkets? Will you sell it here?

On occasion the supermarkets may delete some of our product lines, as much as we might like them to remain it's mostly out of our hands. The nature of tea is that there are so many varieties that no store could possibly stock them all. However the diversity of tea is what we all love it for so through The Dilmah Shop we hope to offer some of this diversity. 

The nature of production and economy of scale does mean that to be able to provide teas at the pricing levels found in supermarkets we need them stocked by at least the two major chains in New Zealand, Progressive & Foodstuffs. When that's not possible it becomes unrealistic to continue bringing them into the country. 

When possible we will try and offer those deleted lines through The Dilmah Shop but cannot guarantee this for a number of logistical reasons and when we do they may only be for a limited time while stocks last.

Organic tea

Organic standards relate to the consumable elements of the product. In the case of tea the only part that releases dissolved solids into the liquid that you consume is the tea leaf itself. All other parts are considered to be packaging either not intended for direct contact with the water such as the printed label/tag or materials which are made from food grade components that don't release anything into hot water such as teabags, allowing for a pure extraction of tea alone.

Dilmah Organic tea is purely from organic agriculture certified to the requirements of European Union directives, USDA National Organic Program and Japanese Agricultural Standards for Organic Plants. Even though there is no specific organic standard for packaging materials, it is a requirement to ensure that any substance used in packaging will not impact the safety and suitability of the contacted food. Hence, we ensure that the packaging materials used in direct contact with Dilmah Organic tea meet the below mentioned food packaging standards and regulations:

1.       REGULATION (EC) No 1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food
2.       REGULATION  (EC) No 2023/2006 on good manufacturing practice for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food
Systems are in place to ensure that the requirements specified in Organic regulations are addressed throughout the manufacturing process from which ordering and handling of packaging materials too is controlled to ensure food safety and organic requirements. The effectiveness of the system is periodically confirmed through verification.
Packaging for food has to be compatible with the food product packed within, and food standards and regulations must be met. For instance, the migration of harmful substances from packaging material in direct contact with food must be avoided. Thus, materials used for food packaging, handling and storage must be chosen accordingly.
Organic agriculture is a holistic production management system which promotes and enhances agro-ecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil biological activity. It emphasizes the use of management practices in preference to the use of off-farm inputs, taking into account that regional conditions require locally adapted systems. This is accomplished by using, where possible, agronomic, biological, and mechanical methods, as opposed to using synthetic materials, to fulfill any specific function within the system.
The Packaging for Dilmah products:

  • Meets Food Safety standards and regulations by keeping tea secure from the beginning of the production process to the time when it reaches the customer.
  • Meets performance criteria
  • Sourced in a responsible way
  • Sourced, manufactured, transported and tested for its intended use.
  • Manufactured using clean production techniques and best practices;
  • Designed to minimize the need for additional materials.


Do your teabags contain plastics?

Please refer to our Country website for in depth information:

How do I have my 'Dilmah Shop' account removed?

We are more than happy to remove an account from The Dilmah Shop, we understand there are a variety of reasons you may wish to do so. Please send an email in reply to one of our automatically generated emails. This confirms the account to be deleted is yours and helps us to remove the correct account.

If you have privacy concerns however it's worth noting that we don't use you're email or address unless specifically approved by you. We never pass your private details on to be used by third parties and we certainly never hold credit card data.

If you have concerns please read our Store Policies to understand our privacy standards.

How do I Unsubscribe from The Dilmah Shop 'Email Newsletter'?

To unsubscribe from The Dilmah Shop Email Newsletter you will find an 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of every Newsletter sent, simply click on this and you'll be asked to confirm.
Subscriptions are made to our newsletter via a 2 step approval process to eliminate the chance of you signing up by accident. This means even if you tick the box at Checkout to 'Join the Mailing List' you will still have to click a link in an automatically generated email that follows to approve that subscription. This eliminates the chance of people signing others up without their knowing.