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School of Tea

There is no beverage that better complements our 21st century lifestyle than tea.

Tea began as a medicine and only then grew into a beverage. Medical science is today confirming the belief of our ancestors that tea is a panacea for all ills. From cancer, to Alzheimer’s disease, stress and exhaustion to obesity or heart disease, tea offers protective and healing benefits that make this truly a miracle of nature.

Tea possesses the aspect of terroir that makes real tea, crafted with expertise, dedication and selected with passion, a herbal beverage that is nearly infinite in variety and deliciously indulgent.

Tea, like wine, has a sense of place which means that tea grown in the cool, dry and fragrant mountains of Ceylon, with their golden appearance, light and elegant character, are completely different from teas grown in the warmer, lower elevational areas of our paradise island, Sri Lanka. The hours of sunshine, moisture, temperature, soils each contribute to producing unique and different taste, aroma and character. This is the indulgent aspect of real tea for it offers a tea for every occasion, every mood and every individual.