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Specials are listed under a few different labels:


These are simply items we need to sell because we are either overstocked or they are near/past a 'Best Before' date. If a product is past it's Best Before date we'll highlight the date on the product description. Note that 'Best Before' is not a 'Use By' or 'Expiry' date as Tea is a dry good and does not go off (see our FAQ section for more info). Sale items are not products we plan to discontinue, unlike 'Clearance' (see further below).


'Bonus' listings are simply where we've added a bonus freebie item included with the regular purchase price for a limited time or while stocks last.


Clearance items. Is your favourite tea no longer stocked in the supermarket? It may be here! We don't get the final decision on what remains on supermarket shelves or with our stockists and distributors. If we had it our way they'd stock them all but with such a broad range of tea that would never be possible!

Please read the full explanation in our FAQ Section about why it's not always possible to continue stocking so many teas.